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This is the place! Energy is the basis for all areas of your life. Do you want to have better health? More peaceful relationships? Any relationships? Start a successful business or make a current one better and more fulfilling?

If you change your energy for the better, all these things are possible. How do you do that? There are lot’s of ways to change your energy. I can help you weed through what works and what doesn’t, and start you on a path that’s good for you.

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My Reincarnation Dzogchen movie

This movie is a fascinating look at Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, the practice of Dzogchen (the great perfection) and his son. Great watch for anyone interested in Dzogchen, awareness and consciousness.   Excerpt from THE CRYSTAL AND THE WAY OF LIGHT by Chögyal Namkhai...

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The power of observation

Observing. Something that has been a constant in all of the consciousness/life practices I have resonated with. After I was introduced to Dzogchen, (the practice of observing oneself as to discover one's true nature), I noticed that even without practicing the...

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I’m not angry..what are you talking about!

I had a day this week when anger took over. It's something we all deal with more than we'd like to admit. It's not uncommon for me to feel intense anger coming off of people and I will occasionally ask if they are feeling angry. The number one response is "I'm not...

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