Why is it so hard to hear our inner selves?


You know that there’s a part of you, that really knows what’s going on in your life….that has all the answers, (or a lot). The part of us that is interconnected with everyone and everything. That’s knows what’s going on in your life….for reals…:)

That would be what some people call your higher self….or your inner self…same thing.

But you can’t seem to hear it very well.

Why is that?

Couple of thoughts I have about that….

First of all our conscious mind is a serious talkaholic. It never….shuts…up. And like in regular life, it’s hard to focus or hear with someone jabbering in your ear all the time. And we’re talking non-stop. There’s no pause.

And for anyone who’s ever tried to meditate and tried to stop their thoughts…..yeah that doesn’t happen very easily.

When I notice in meditation that my thoughts have stopped, that’s usually because I’m off somewhere in another dimension. Or I’ve fallen asleep!! There are moments when it happens, but they are usually brief.

Another reason is that we only have access to a narrow bridge from our conscious mind to our higher self. The part that is connected is just a little piece of the vastness that is us.

We only get a narrow view, a small light. As we raise our levels of consciousness that connection gets wider and more clear. Sometimes you’ll feel yourself pop up into a new level of awareness and go….oh I get it now! At least a little bit more than I used to!

So, how do we get more access to our own inner/higher consciousness? What do we do…to know more about what’s good for us?

Well, I think we’re all different in the ways we connect and grow consciously. Everyone will have a unique path. But for me it’s the following……and you’re welcome to try them, if so inclined.

  • Meditation and Dzogchen practice (Dzogchen is a practice used by many Tibetan monks to become more aware.
  • Have the intention to be more aware every day
  • Question everything (I got this one down)
  • Look inward for everything
  • Treat people with Love and Compassion (working on it)
  • Let go of my emotional baggage (I use the technique in the book Letting Go By Dr. David Hawkins)
  • Live in the moment as much as possible (this one is hard for me, but it’s starting to get easier)
  • Look at nature for patterns that relate to my life
  • Practice martial arts. (helps me not think and just be)

And I just keep going. It’s an ongoing daily practice.

It doesn’t happen quickly and you can’t force it.

Just keep practicing.

That’s how I do it at least!

Happy practicing!