I had a day this week when anger took over. It’s something we all deal with more than we’d like to admit. It’s not uncommon for me to feel intense anger coming off of people and I will occasionally ask if they are feeling angry. The number one response is “I’m not angry!” (angrily)

I think to myself….”Dude! you sure are blowing out some angry vibes for someone who can’t feel it!” But I have come to see that people can’t always feel what’s going on in themselves. So I can only observe at that point. I only will point out what I am seeing if they ask something like……”why…. do I seem angry?”. Then I can say….yep you do! Something goin’ on?

With my own anger, I try to just observe it and stay away from people until it passes. Not always doable. But I do what I can!

My method for releasing any strong destructive emotion is to observe, and know it wants to be seen and released. And I let it move out. I use my breath to release it and continue to observe. Sometimes it’s too intense and i get engulfed by it, but as soon I I realize it’s taken over I start to observe, breathe and release again. And allow myself to move through whatever is coming up. Eventually it will pass.

Screaming into a pillow or punching a punching bag is also good! 🙂

Being as sensitive as I am, I cannot tolerate intense anger or rage from another person for more than a minute or two. So I will get the hell out of there. no need to subject myself to it!

Anger definitely has a strong actual, physical, vibrational wave. Just like a sound wave has a physical effect so does anger. It is actually palpable to me and other energy sensitive people. Those who can’t feel it,are still experiencing the wave and being effected. They just don’t realize it.

It’s actually not a very pleasant or positive wave. Anger actually makes you less intelligent in the moment! So decisions made in anger are not going to be great ones.

So if you’re angry or around someone who’s angry, take care of yourself, breathe, let it out (just not on someone else) and find some positive vibes to counter it. And if you can’t take the angry energy coming off of someone else, give yourself permission to get the heck outta there.




pic credit – https://unsplash.com/@ejleusink