Observing. Something that has been a constant in all of the consciousness/life practices I have resonated with.

After I was introduced to Dzogchen, (the practice of observing oneself as to discover one’s true nature), I noticed that even without practicing the meditations that I had been given, I was becoming more observant and less reactive. If someone was interacting with me, especially in an unpleasant way, I would not act right away. I noticed that I was watching and observing. And I started to have more compassion and understanding for that person. And I was able to let stuff go more easily.

From that space I was more clear and less affected by my emotions and the other person’s emotions. Not that I wasn’t having them, just that I was watching myself have them instead of BEING in them. Big change.

This state of observation is in other teachings as well. It’s in Human Design, meditation, martial arts and others.

Doesn’t last…..which is why it’s a practice!

But well worth it.

Results = more compassion, more peaceful interactions, ability to hear your own self, calm, wisdom.

Keep on watching!




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pic credit – Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash