About Shannyn



I’m Shannyn

I’ve had a long journey to get where I am today.

I had a restlessness in my bones back in 2004, so I decided that a drive across the United States might be the ticket. So I sold my house, bought an SUV and started out across the country. Which at first was super scary. But I got over it and started enjoying myself. I didn’t cure the restlessness but I did have some amazing experiences and epiphanies.

When I got back to Southern California, it was back to regular life, so I promptly got depressed and into a really bad relationship. Yay!

That bad relationship, however, was a catalyst for going to school for holistic and energy healing. So the next few years was spent learning and practicing.

In 2007, I made the fateful decision to do this for a living.

And then the real test began.

I got laid off from my cushy job in pharma that I kinda hated. But made really good money…..sound familiar?

.So the next few years were rough, to put it mildly. The stigma of working in something that was not well understood, and kind of woo woo, brought up a ton of insecurities. I didn’t understand how to market myself, and I general had a lack of confidence in my abilities. I struggled and failed, and picked myself up, and kept going. And tried again and again.

The next 10 years tested my strength, will to live, my relationships, and my sanity.

I was trying to find my truth and survive in the world….and trying to help people at the same time. Not an easy task. There were many times I wanted to give up and go back to “normal” life. But life did not let me. There was only forward for me.

Along that path I found tools and synchronicities that finally gave me some info about how I work in the world, that made me realize….oh crap! I’ve been doing things all wrong for me! That realization allowed me to start living more as myself. That transition was not easy, but it was worth it 10 times over.

So my quest these days, is to help you find that truth and freedom of being yourself, AND making your material life successful and satisfying, without the long and tough road.

I can be a guide on your journey and tell you where the potholes are. And oh…don’t turn there.

And overall……

Believe in Yourself

You have everything you need……right inside you.





For my back ground, I have learned many types of healing, guidance, coaching, and business skills and smarts. And I’ve been on a path of awakening consciousness for many years. Over the years I have developed my own unique way of doing my work. But for those of you that like credentials. Here they are….

  • Certified Energywork Therapist
  • Consciousness & Energy Guide
  • Abundance of Light Teacher
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Jikiden Reiki Practitioner
  • Ordained Minister
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Certified Human Design Guide
  • Web Designer
  • Image Editor


So if you’re feeling the love…..contact me below!

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Shannyn’s knowledge and mastery  combined with her compassion and empathy as a gifted intuitive enable her to provide her clients with unique insights and new perspectives into the arch of one’s life. The overall effect is that you see your life through fresh, optimistic eyes, and feel refreshed, enlivened, and ready for the challenges and opportunities before you. I’ve benefited from her dedication in important ways, improving the lens through which I see my life and giving me more self-understanding. I’d encourage others to give themselves the gift of her wisdom, knowledge, compassion, and mastery.
Dr. Ronald Tucker

Ph.D Psychology

I have known Shannyn for many years. When I am really in a pickle or need a big pick me up, Shannyn is somebody I trust, because she is a high level healer who works directly with the angels and the essence of love. When you are looking for a healer, it is not the healer who gives the gifts but the healer who must move out of the way, to let the love through. This means qualities like humility, gentleness, calmness and most importantly love and compassion are absolutely paramount.
Alyssa Mary Rose