A Business that Reflects YOU

If you get hives and shortness of breath thinking of sitting one more day in a grey cubicle or windowless office.

And you have this nagging feeling that you’re meant for something more.

But you don’t know how….or you’re stuck half way started….or you’ve reached a big fat road block. *insert muffled scream here*


I know the feeling because that was me!

I still get a little nauseated at the thought of sitting in a cubicle or windowless office doing mindless work for a corporate mill. And a possible idiot boss. I’ve had a few. 🙂

I felt like there was more for me to do than work on budgets all day in an industry that I didn’t feel great about working in.


When I decided to start helping people with their lives and their life’s work, I was not too long after, laid off from my corporate job. Life can give you a shove sometimes….

I was thrown in running my own business in a recession with no experience and a good heaping truck load of FEAR!

So after figuring out what TO do and a lot of what NOT to do…I want help you find much smoother road to a business that reflects YOU!

Something that feels good and fulfilling and fun AND makes you a living.

I will help you get CLEAR on what you can offer the world, and how to present it….so that people want what you’ve got! I help you get past the stuck points and the fears that come up and the “oh so false stories” rattling around in your head about yourself and what you have to offer.

HINT: You have way more to offer that you could ever imagine.

And I will pull out of you with connection, compassion and intuition what you’re most wanting to do right now and the steps to get there.

I will give you a very marshmallow-y but deceptively strong kick in the butt when you need it. All done with love.


Here’s an example of what we can do together. Hannele Behm is an amazing Transformational Body Coach in Leeds, U.K. We did a whole site/business re-vamp with re-branding. Check it out! www.hannelebehm.com 


hannele website
Usually you pay for a service and if you’re lucky, you get what you pay for. With you I got so much more. Not only am I incredibly impressed with your professional knowledge, skills and extremely good taste but the fact that working with you I learned so many new things for myself. And not only did I learn about tools that I can use and apply in my work, but I also learned about who I am. It’s like you awakened that sparkle of life inside of me by showing so many things that life has to offer. I once again feel like I’m alive and with all your help I’m excited to open the next chapter in my life. I am so grateful for having had the privilege to work with you

Thank you!!

Hannele Behm

Transformational Body Coach


The world is moving at the speed of light towards the solo business owner so if you’re feelin’ the call, NOW IS THE TIME GIRLFRIEND!

I’m here for you!

I can help with all off the following:

  • Business branding and start-up
  • Re-branding
  • Building your customer base or starting one!
  • Website building, build one or show you how
  • Blasting through blocks in your business. Sometimes we get stuck
  • Design and images. Picking the right look for your biz!
  • Support and guidance through the whole process.

If you feel something stirring in you ….and it’s not last night’s dinner….than shoot me a message in the form below. Let me know about you and why you want to work with me. We’ll take it from there!




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A Little About Me

Hi I'm Shannyn, I'm here to help you have more happiness and success in life! I've been helping people make big changes in life and business since 2007. Looking forward to helping you!

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