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Be Prepared for a Major Shift!!!

These powerful Sessions are designed to give you profound insight into your energy field (aura) and get your energy cleared, cleaned and healed in the process. Be ready for some major shifts in your life with one of these sessions.

During your session I will use modalities such as Jikiden Reiki, Aura balancing, Cord cutting and removal and advanced Etheric surgery to deeply and powerfully renew, refresh and re-pattern your whole being. I can go deep into your energy matrix to allow the healing and movement necessary to help you change your life for the better.

Your energy field holds EVERYTHING that allows you to live in this world successfully. So having a well tuned and properly flowing energy system is super important. You will shocked how different you feel when  you release the “junk” that isn’t you and start living from your own clean, clear energy.

You can release all sorts of old fears, negative issues, thought patterns and behaviors just by getting your energy worked on!


What to expect

As we start the session we can talk about what you would like to heal or what you may want to change in life. If you have nothing in particular I will start scanning your energy (aura) and see what I find that needs to be cleared, balanced or let go. As I scan I will clean, clear, balance and repair your aura. I also tap in intuitively and read your energy to give you information about YOU! This can be advice on what the blocks and issues in your energy are coming from, so you can release them and heal. And any advice from your higher self to allow you to be more yourself and let go of anything that is keeping you from being successful, free, and empowered.


What you can let go of…

  • Old thoughts that don’t help you, like I’m not good enough….or I can’t do this
  • Feelings of profound sadness, anger that comes up out of nowhere.
  • Thoughts that you will find are not even yours. Other people’s energy and thoughts attached to your energy
  • Body sensations of heaviness, exhaustion, fatigue, and lack of motivation. (Dense negative energy can cause all those!)
  • Attachments to anything that is holding you back from your path and your purpose
  • Fear, fear and more fear!
  • Feeling of pain that still haunt your thoughts
  • Dense and heavy emotions. That feeling in the pit of your stomach that keeps you down.
  • Thoughts and feelings about old relationships/loves that are keeping you stuck, sad or from new ones.


What you can feel during and after a session:

  • More positive and less angry and stuck. More free.
  • Feeling more like yourself (this gets rid of all that is not YOU!)
  • Feeling the real you shining out and attracting good things into your life (jobs, people, love)
  • Feeling more positive, stronger, more peaceful and centered.
  • Better connection with your higher self, your intuition, psychic abilities, “knowing”
  • More knowledge and clarity of what is right for you
  • Better decision making which leads to more success in life
  • More a-ha moments or chills of recognition
  • Lighter and lighter and lighter! And ability to flow more light yourself!


More Info

The session will last approximately one hour. First session will be around 1.5 hours. Although I always leave room for times when you need more. Sessions are done by phone or Skype.

After your first session you may be a little tired. A LOT of energy gets moved and although you may feel lighter and freer, so may have to take a long nap. It’s like exercising your energy field after being out of shape for awhile. It’s tiring and your energy matrix has to re-wire itself.

It can be a life changing experience to get this kind of session, so be prepared for a shift!


Sessions & Prices

Phone/Skype Sessions – Meet over the phone or on Skype. 

Initial session is $200. Followup sessions are $150.

Remote Sessions – Done without phone or Skype interaction. We set up a time for the session and all you need to do is relax. I will provide a brief overview of what I see/feel and any recommendations.

60 Minute Remote Session – $100

30 Minute Remote Session $50

To Book your session please contact me in the form below or call me at 949-514-8654 to set up a time. Payment is due upon booking your time to hold  your spot.


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Hi I'm Shannyn, I'm here to help you have better energy in your life, health and business. So you can feel better and have more success in life.

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