Energy Healing for your Life

Do you need healing, clarity, direction or to get unstuck?


Energy healing or energy work can help you get your life to an amazing place.

When our energy systems get out of balance or loaded up with life’s “junk”, it can express in your life as illness, being stuck, anger and resentment, negative feelings and general unpleasantness and suffering.

Energy healing is a powerful tool that cleans out, balances and renews your energetic aura. Your energetic aura is basically the vehicle you drive here on Earth. You are energy. Energy healers and workers have the skills to clean out your energetic closet so that everything is clean and flowing. Your system/body/spirit knows how to heal. We just assist in the process.

Your energy field holds EVERYTHING that allows you to live in this world successfully. So having a well tuned and properly flowing energy system is super important. You will shocked how different you feel when  you release the “junk” that isn’t you and start living from your own clean, clear energy.

What to expect

Your first session is the longest and most intensive. Usually people come to me never having any energy work or not having any for a long time. So they will have more “stuff” to clean out. I will also speak with you to find out what you wanting to change in your life. All sessions are completely confidential. The first session usually runs about 90 minutes, but can be shorter. If you need follow up sessions, they will be anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

Don’t plan on doing anything strenuous the rest of the day and sometimes the next. You will have had some major adjustments to your energy field and you will need rest and time to integrate the work.

I offer phone, Skype and remote sessions. Remote sessions do not include any talk time, however I will give you a write up of what was done. We will set up a time for me to work but no phone/Skype time is needed.

What my clients have experienced after working with me:

  • Pain leaving their bodies and healed injuries
  • Letting go of feelings of profound sadness, anger that comes up out of nowhere.
  • Release of negative thoughts, fear, doubts, and rage
  • Freedom from heaviness, exhaustion, fatigue, and lack of motivation. (Dense negative energy can cause all those!)
  • Letting go of bad relationships easily and without fear
  • Healing from anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Healed from back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, migraines, and headaches
  • Getting unstuck and being able to move forward with a big decision.
  • Release of thoughts and feelings about old relationships/loves that kept them stuck, sad or from having new ones.
  • Moving on from unsatisfying jobs and starting new businesses or jobs
  • Moving forward in a business where they were stuck and feeling lost
  • Feeling lighter and more free
  • Clarity in decisions they needed to make
  • Heightened intuition and awareness
  • More positive emotions and feelings of joy
  • Being in the flow
  • More a-ha moments or chills of recognition
  • More knowledge and clarity of what is right for them
  • Feeling more like themselves (this gets rid of all that is not YOU!)
  • Feeling the real self shining out and attracting good things into their lives (jobs, people, love)
  • More a-ha moments or chills of recognition
  • Peace and relaxation
  • Feeling better where no one had helped them before


The possibilities for positive things to happen in your life are endless. Your healing will be unique just as you are. But expect good things to unfold.



Sessions & Prices

Phone/Skype/In Person Sessions 

Initial session is $125.   Followup sessions are $100.


Remote Sessions – Done without phone or Skype interaction. We set up a time for the session and all you need to do is relax. I will provide a brief overview of what I see/feel and any recommendations.

Initial Remote Session – $100   Follow up Remote Session $75

To Book your session please contact me in the form below  to set up a time. Payment is due upon booking the session.

Please contact me 24 hours before if you need to cancel or reschedule. Sessions cancelled after the 24 hour mark will be charge a $50 cancellation fee.


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