Human Design Sessions

Do you want to find out more about YOU?

What makes you tick? What drives you? What has you stuck in some places?

Human Design is a scientific system that maps out the energy pathways of your body and mind, showing you what you can depend on and what you can’t.

It can help you see things about yourself that are life changing and freeing. It shows you things you may be aware of and some that may be harder to see.

The information is provided in a Human Design Chart that is based on your birth data. It is incredibly accurate. It is based on the ancient systems of Astrology, the Kabbalah and the IChing.

Each of is designed in a unique and special way that is unlike anyone else. Human Design gives us that map to our piece of the puzzle.

In a Human Design Guidance Session we will dive deep your chart and you will find out some possibly life changing info about yourself. I know finding out the information that Human Design had to offer was completely life altering for me.

Just finding out what it meant to be a Splenic Projector was one of those Wow moments!

It can be a life changing experience to find out you aren’t like everyone else. And you aren’t supposed to be.

It will also show you how decisions with your own internal infallible guidance system. And how to start experimenting in your life to see how being true to how your were designed can be a truly remarkable thing.

This is my chart…….

Shannyn HD chart

I am a Projector Energy Type with a 5/1 Profile and Splenic Authority

Which in a nutshell means I’m here to be a guide and give insight when invited. I tend to shake things up and my decisions for my survival are best made in the moment with my intuition. And I’m forever learning.

Each one of those white or colored centers, or red or black gates and channels tells you a little about yourself. You have 9 energy centers and 64 gates, of which you have some active/defined and some not! These all have meanings and are a part of the uniqueness of YOU!

You’ll find out if you’re a…

  • Projector…Here to guide and be recognized for your insight
  • Generator….here to create and respond to what life sends you!
  • Manifestor ….here to make an impact!
  • Reflector… to shine back and move with the cycles!

It’s life changing and intriguing information to know.


Session Info:

Human Design Guidance Sessions are approximately 1.5 to 2 hours long and are $200

Sessions are done by phone or Skype.

Contact me in the form below to book your session.

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Shannyn’s knowledge and mastery combined with her compassion and empathy as a gifted intuitive enable her to provide her clients with unique insights and new perspectives into the arch of one’s life. The overall effect is that you see your life through fresh, optimistic eyes, and feel refreshed, enlivened, and ready for the challenges and opportunities before you. I’ve benefited from her dedication in important ways, improving the lens through which I see my life and giving me more self-understanding. I’d encourage others to give themselves the gift of her wisdom, knowledge, compassion, and mastery.

Dr. Ronald Tucker Ph.D.

A Little About Me

Hi I'm Shannyn, I help seekers like myself to let go of what's holding them back from living an amazing fulfilled life. I do this with energy work, Human Design, life experience from my own spiritual path and an aura designed to know people deeply and intuitively. I'm here to help you be more YOU!

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