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This is the place! Energy is the basis for all areas of your life. Do you want to have better health? More peaceful relationships? Any relationships? Start a successful business or make a current one better and more fulfilling?

If you change your energy for the better, all these things are possible. How do you do that? There are lot’s of ways to change your energy. I can help you weed through what works and what doesn’t, and start you on a path that’s good for you.

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What dreams are brewing in you?

What ideas, passions or dreams have been rolling around your mind for awhile now? When I first started on my path that lead me to working as a healer and coach, I just felt it as anxiety. Something missing. It took me years to figure it out. So hopefully the question...

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Herbal Remedy for a Rumbly Tummy

I had a very unpleasant bout of what was probably food poisoning this week. I'm very sensitive to many foods and toxins so it could have been a lot of things. I had this Herb Pharm Intestinal Defense Formula on hand and had an intuitive hit to try it. And it did the...

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Why is it so hard for us to hear our inner selves?

Why is it so hard to hear our inner selves?   You know that there's a part of you, that really knows what's going on in your life....that has all the answers, (or a lot). The part of us that is interconnected with everyone and everything. That's knows what's...

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